The Track of Success

  • May 282013

    Convenience Vs. Value: What Matters Most With Loyalty?

    What do consumers want most when it comes to loyalty and rewards programs?
    It’s a question that’s important to not just the designers of loyalty platforms, but to those in the retail and travel industries and any other vertical in which rewards and points play a major role.


  • May 162013

    Loylogic Pilots New Type Of Frequent Flier Program

    For many, when you think of loyalty or rewards programs, airlines are among the first businesses that come to mind. But since almost every airline has such programs, what loyalty features do they feel lead to the greatest differentiation? PYMNTS.com spoke to one exec who helped build his airline’s loyalty program from the ground up, and learned how Loylogic’s PointsPay platform ultimately ended up soaring above the rest.


  • May 072013

    Loylogic Takes Global Approach With Loyalty Innovation

    At a time when countless rewards programs offer consumers with a seemingly endless choice, how do you make your loyalty program stick?

    According to Dominic Hofer, CEO and founder at Loylogic, the key is letting those consumers use their loyalty points wherever they please. PYMNTS.com spoke with Hofer about Loylogic’s PointsPay system, his company’s approach to loyalty and why having a "liquid" virtual currency is the key to creating loyalty success.

  • Apr 302013

    PointsPay Wins the ‘Contactless & Mobile Award 2013’

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic,  the leading provider of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, has been awarded with the ‘Contactless & Mobile Award 2013’. The award ceremony, sponsored by VISA Europe, was held on April 30 in London. The award is the second recognition for Loylogic from the payment industry, after winning the ‘MPE Loyalty Award’ few weeks back in Berlin.

  • Apr 132013

    Loylogic - Etisalat More Case Study

    Loylogic and Etisalat signed a partnership in September 2010 to bring global rewards to a telecommunications loyalty scheme for the first time. This groundbreaking deal set new standards and presented new opportunities for both Loylogic, with their first venture into telecommunications, and for Etisalat More by expanding their reward offering to members beyond their own in-house products. The challenge was multi-faceted: how to make available the new loyalty program beyond Etisalat’s core markets; how to ensure it is was a global, multi-category reward program; and how to ensure launch within 6 weeks for the opening of the ‘Middle East Telco World Summit’ which would provide premium exposure and propel the Etisalat More brand to the forefront of its industry.

    pdfLoylogic - Etisalat More Case Study.pdf