The Track of Success

  • Jul 112016

    One Step Forward, No Steps Back

    In response to Colloquy’s 2015 Loyalty Census which specified that nearly 60% of loyalty programme members are inactive, we recently advocated on the way members of loyalty programmes are able to earn their points or miles. When delving deeper into the issue of loyalty programme activity, the problem is not acquisition, in fact, at 3.3B members globally, people are signing up for loyalty programmes more than ever before.

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  • May 032016

    Don't Mind The Gap: The Collect Effect

    In 2015, loyalty program membership recorded the highest number in history at 3.3B program members; conversely, program activity levels are at an all-time low as nearly 60% of members are inactive . This does not come as a surprise given that loyalty program activity rates have been heading down this path for years; it’s time to look at how to transform the way your members engage with your program.

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  • Apr 242012

    Loylogic - Frequent Traveller Survey 2012

    As part of the voting process for the inaugural Frequent Traveller Awards, Loylogic asked frequent travellers questions related to their loyalty points and miles earning and redemption behaviour and desires. The survey was online from March 2012. Loylogic collected just under 1,500 votes from members of over 500 loyalty programs worldwide.

    pdfLoylogic - Frequent Traveller Survey 2012.pdf

  • Feb 202012

    Loylogic - Points and Miles, Follow Me!

    In recent years many loyalty programs, together with their loyalty services providers, have done a good job exploiting the potential of in-store and online points earning. However, there is still a lot of work to do on the points burning side. The big opportunity for leading loyalty programs around the world is to make rewards ubiquitous. Rather than forcing program members to follow their hard-earned points to the few places where they can be redeemed, points and miles should follow the program members so they can shop for anything, anywhere.

    pdfLoylogic - Points and Miles Follow Me.pdf

  • Mar 162009

    Loylogic - The Speed of Choice

    Just as retail, travel and other business models have evolved to meet the opportunities and challenges of the digital age, so to must loyalty rewards fulfillment models evolve to take advantage of new technologies and the demands of today’s just-in-time marketplace. Those loyalty program operators committed to staying fluent and flexible with technology will win the day. Today’s tools can speed program members toward the Golden Moment of reward redemption like never before— creating more engaged and more profitable members in the process.

    pdfLoylogic - The Speed of Choice.pdf