• Apr 032019

    Icelandair and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership for a Global Travel Rewards Portal

    Members of Icelandair’s loyalty program, Saga Club can now earn or redeem points for hotel bookings and car rentals through Loylogic’s global travel portal.  

    Zurich, Switzerland | 3rd April 2019 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Icelandair Saga Club, Icelandair’s loyalty program, announce a partnership to launch Loylogic’s cutting edge travel platform in the coming months. The global portal enables Saga Club members to collect or redeem points, and a combination of both, by booking hotels and renting cars from thousands of offers across the world.   

  • Feb 042019

    Atlasglobal and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership for Akruu

    Members of Atlasglobal’s Loyalty Program, Atlasmiles, can now earn additional miles via Loylogic’s state-of-the-art collection portal, Akruu.

    Zurich, Switzerland | 4th February 2019

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Atlasglobal, a leading Turkish Airline, announce a strategic partnership for Loylogic’s cutting edge, co-branded earning solution, Akruu. Through this collaboration, Atlasmiles aims to deepen member engagement by enabling their members to earn more miles through Akruu’s innovative earning modules, thereby leading to increased program revenue. 

  • Jan 072019

    Royal Jordanian and Loylogic Deepen their Partnership by Launching a Global Reward Portal as well as Buy and Gift Miles

    Zurich, Switzerland | Amman, Jordan 

    7th January 2019

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Royal Jordanian Airlines have extended their partnership by launching an additional three of Loylogic’s leading solutions for their Royal Club loyalty program: Buy and Gift Miles solution as well as REX, the global rewards portal.

  • Dec 132018

    Sharaf DG and PointsPay by Loylogic to Provide Points Redemption Choices for Leading Loyalty Programs

    Zurich, Switzerland | 13th December 2018

    Sharaf DG and PointsPay announce an exciting new Exclusive partnership that allows loyalty program members to redeem points when shopping online. As such, Members of major loyalty programs like Etihad Guest and Smiles by Etisalat are now able to spend their miles or points at Sharaf DG.com by simply logging to their accounts and making payments in easy 3 steps process. 

  • Sep 252018

    Kuwait Airways and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership for Akruu

    Members of Kuwait Airways’ Frequent Flyer Program, Oasis Club, can now earn additional miles via Loylogic’s collect portal Akruu.

    Zurich | 25 September 2018

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Kuwait Airways’ frequent flyer program, Oasis Club, announce a strategic partnership for Loylogic’s cutting edge, co-branded earn solution Akruu. Through this partnership, Oasis club aims to boost member engagement by providing more innovative ways to collect Oasis Club Miles. 

  • Sep 062018

    Loylogic Appoints Lansy Joseph as their New Chief Innovation Officer

    Zurich, Switzerland

    6 September 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, announces the appointment of Lansy Joseph as their new Chief Innovation Officer. Lansy, a strong advocate for innovation and technology, has worked with Loylogic for almost a decade in different roles on the technology and product development side. He has played an integral role in developing and driving the company’s technology and innovation roadmap spanning ideation to commercialization and worked on turnkey solutions, such as the conversion of points to Cryptocurrency feature that has been shortlisted for the 2017 Mega Award in Loyalty.

  • Aug 062018

    Mawarid Finance and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership for Akruu

    Members of Mawarid Finance’s Loyalty Program, Falak Tayyeb, can now earn additional points via Akruu to reach their redemption goal earlier.

    Zurich, Switzerland | 6 August 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Mawarid Finance PJSC, a leading Islamic finance and investments group licensed by the UAE Central Bank, announce a strategic partnership for Loylogic’s cutting edge earn solution Akruu. The common objective is to provide more opportunities to collect points and consequently more value to the members of the Falak Tayyeb loyalty program thereby enabling them to reach their redemption goal faster. 

  • Jul 092018

    Malaysia Airlines Enrich and Loylogic Announce the Launch of Loylogic’s New BUY Miles Solution

    Members of Malaysia Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program Enrich can now purchase Enrich Miles via Loylogic’s new Buy Miles Solution to get to their flight reward even faster.

    Zurich, Switzerland
    9 July 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Enrich the frequent flyer program of Malaysia Airlines have partnered to implement the new Loylogic Buy Miles Solution. The collaboration kicks off the launch of Loylogic’s new cutting-edge Buy Miles platform, which enables members of a loyalty program to acquire more of their program’s miles in a fast and seamless way. It is supporting the objective of programs and members alike, to offer a simple solution, through which the member’s miles balance can be increased instantly and without further accrual effort. The possibility to simply buy more miles also plays an important role in ensuring the greatest member engagement of a program and its ROI.

  • Jul 052018

    Loylogic Launches Their New Buy, Gift and Transfer Technology Platform with Aggressive Price Positioning

    Loylogic enters the BGT market by offering frequent traveller programs a new, plug-and-play solution at highly competitive cost

    Zurich, Switzerland
    5 July 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, announces its strategic entrance into the Buy-Gift-Transfer (BGT) market with its new BGT-module by offering a state of the art technology platform combined with excellent commercials. Leaving out the service fee completely in their pricing model, Loylogic’s plug and play solution can be integrated within a few weeks and deliver substantial program revenue almost immediately at a cost of 60-90% below that of current solution providers.

  • Jun 212018

    The key to your loyalty program’s survival and success is all about making the right choice

    21 June 2018

    Dominic Hofer
    CEO and Founder of Loylogic

    Choice has become such a buzz word and so very ingrained in our vocabulary: good choice, bad choice, too much choice, no choice… whatever we connect it with, choice is everywhere not just in our language but also in our lives. It is said that we make around 35,000 conscious and subconscious choices and decisions in one single day alone.*1 We take for granted having so many choices in life, but when we have no choice in a matter then we remark upon its absence in a negative way.

  • Jun 112018

    SWISS Miles & More and Loylogic Announce a Strategic Partnership on PointsPay to Offer Increased Member Choice and Flexibility

    11 June 2018 

    A new strategic collaboration has been launched between SWISS Miles & More, part of the biggest frequent flyer and awards programme in Europe, and Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, with the goal to provide more choice and value to the SWISS Miles & More members through Loylogic’s powerful one button solution PointsPay.

  • Jun 112018

    SWISS Miles & More and Loylogic Disrupt Online Earn and Burn With PointsPay

    London, UK
    11 June 2018 

    Akif Khan
    Head of PointsPay at Loylogic

    Today, the majority of airline loyalty programs drive non-air redemptions via a combination of channels such as their online reward shops, vouchers and gift cards, hotel and car rental partnerships, and even direct redemption possibilities with selected partners. The reward shop model in particular has worked well for a long time, but it’s under pressure in a world where consumer expectations are constantly rising in the face of the relentless growth and sophistication of ecommerce.

  • Jun 042018

    Jumeirah and Loylogic Announce the Launch of the Global Rewards Platform for the Jumeirah Sirius Programme

    04 June 2018 

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programmes, and Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts, the global luxury hospitality company, have launched a cutting edge rewards platform for the Jumeirah Sirius recognition and rewards programme.

    Jumeirah Sirius is seeing a constant growth in its international member base thanks to the increase in global luxury travellers to its outstanding destinations as well as its portfolio development.  Loylogic, as a powerful loyalty partner who offers seamless and global redemption experiences for members worldwide, is hence of strategic importance to the programme. For the first time since its existence, the programme now offers engaging non-core redemptions to its members through Loylogic’s leading global reward platform.

  • May 022018

    Loylogic and Trelleborg Wheel Systems Announce Partnership for AgriPlus Rewards Program

    02 May 2018

    For the first time Loylogic and Trelleborg Wheel Systems, launch a global loyalty program for the agricultural industry. The global leader and provider of loyalty program solutions Loylogic, is delighted to enter this new loyalty terrain with the Trelleborg Group, a world leader in engineered polymer solutions and global supplier of tires in the agricultural industry, with the purpose of creating and operating a state-of-the art loyalty experience new to this sector.

    The loyalty program for agricultural dealerships, salesmen and end-users alike, is designed to crucially interact with key stakeholders of the brand and to offer a unique loyalty experience that is rewarding and engaging at the same time. As such, the program offers an extensive reward catalogue of more than 550 rewards across seven premium reward categories like electronics, jewelry, watches and a vast sports and leisure range, to perfectly match their members taste.

    The program has ambitious plans and relaunched its reward program with Loylogic for its first strategic market France on January 18th , followed by Benelux and UK this April and is planning for more to come this year. With a main focus on offering an enticing choice of rewards on a global scale and building a strong digital strategy to engage their members, Loylogic represents a seamless fit and strategic partner for this new loyalty endeavor.

  • Apr 272018

    Loylogic, dacadoo and Sanagate Announce Partnership for the SanaHealth Reward Programme

    Zurich and Lucerne
    27 April 2018

    Loylogic, the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programmes, and Sanagate, the Swiss online health insurance announce, together with partner dacadoo, the launch of a new loyalty programme for the health and insurance industry.

    Sanagate made the next step in the digital health prevention for their customers in 2017 when it added the digital health engagement platform SanaHealth to their offering. It engages users in holistic health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and mental wellbeing. Loylogic, dacadoo and Sanagate now launch a new loyalty points system on the SanaHealth platform to reward users for healthy behavior.

    With its extensive experience in the loyalty industry and reward programs, Loylogic naturally became the strategic partner to provide for this loyalty programme for the health industry in its home market Switzerland.  As such, Loylogic developed the loyalty model in conjunction with partner dacadoo and now provides the programme’s points redemption experience on its state-of-the-art reward platform REX. Among others the ‘SanaHealth Product Shop’ provides rewards from loyalty bestseller categories like electronics, sports and gift cards, specifically tailored to the Swiss market.

  • Aug 222017
    Loylogic Logo

    Loylogic and Coinify Partner to Offer First-Ever Loyalty Currency Conversion into a Cryptocurrency

    Zurich and Copenhagen
    23 August 2017

    Loylogic Inc., the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, and Coinify ApS, a leading blockchain payment service provider, announce a strategic and innovative global partnership. The new feature, which continues to offer millions of loyalty program members with unparalleled flexibility by providing Bitcoin as a redemption option, can now be found on Loylogic’s industry leading Reward Experience Platform.


  • Aug 112017

    The Journey to (Earlier) Redemption

    Zurich, Switzerland
    15 August, 2017

    Judith Raymakers
    VP Strategic Partnerships

    Member engagement is an essential business priority for loyalty programs and member redemption serves as a conduit to drive engagement. Because redemption offers the opportunity to better connect with your members, encouraging earlier redemption in the member lifecycle can be extremely beneficial and lucrative to your loyalty program.

  • May 042017
    Loylogic Logo

    dacadoo and Loylogic announce global strategic partnership

    Zurich , Switzerland
    04 May 2017

    dacadoo AG, a leading global digital health engagement platform, and Loylogic Inc., the global leader in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, announce a global strategic partnership. dacadoo will integrate Loylogic’s reward solution and shop in its digital and mobile health engagement platform to offer a seamless end-to-end user experience to the members of dacadoo’s Health and Life Insurance clients as well as other customers around the world.


  • Apr 272017
    Akruu Logo

    Akruu.com’s Latest Feature, Gift Miles, Offers 30% More Miles, And That's Not All

    Atlanta, GA
    27 April , 2017

    Gift Miles offers an average of 30% bonus miles to Members, without compromising industry-leading, low commission fees.

    Loylogic has recently launched Gift Miles, a new Akruu.com feature, which gives program members the ability to purchase miles for their friends and family.  As with all other ways of earning on Akruu, Gift Miles offers the best value per mile purchased to the consumers which in turn ensures increased engagement and improved economics for the programs.

  • Mar 032017

    The Convergence of Loyalty and Payments

    Zurich, Switzerland
    05 March 2017

    Akif Khan, Head of PointsPay, Loylogic


    Loyalty and payments have always been closely linked, of course, with both being focussed on value exchange.  In the case of loyalty, brands providing benefits to customers in exchange for their continued business.  In the case of payments, brands providing goods to customers in exchange for monetary value.

  • Feb 132017

    Dominic Hofer's Interview With The Wise Marketer

    Zurich, Switzerland
    10 Feb, 2017

    An Interview with The Wise Marketer CEO Rick Ferguson and Loylogic CEO and Founder, Dominic Hofer.

    In this Q&A, Dominic discusses the durability of the loyalty model, the need for new tech on both the earn and burn side of loyalty programs, and the industries that will drive future loyalty innovation.

  • Dec 072016
    Akruu Logo

    Royal Jordanian Airlines Partners With Akruu

    Atlanta, GA – December 7,  2016

    Now, you can earn Royal Plus Miles on Akruu.com.

    Akruu is the new, smart way, for Royal Plus members all over the world to earn more miles by aligning Royal Plus award miles accrual with consumer lifestyle. Akruu offers a revolutionised way of earning by  bringing together multiple ways to accrue, along with an increasing selection of loyalty currencies into one website.  

  • Nov 302016
    Akruu Logo

    Loylogic Launches Buy Miles Plus Module on Akruu.com

    The new module enables members to purchase top-up miles/points, while saving the program up to 75% over traditional commission rates

    Atlanta, Georgia – Dec 1, 2016 – Today, Loylogic has launched Buy Miles Plus, a new Akruu.com module, which offers more points to program members (through the ability to purchase top-up points/miles), facilitating earlier redemption: a significant factor in ensuring the highest possible member engagement and ROI for the program. 

  • Nov 072016
    Akruu Logo

    Gulf Air’s Falconflyer Loyalty Program Launches with Akruu

    Now, you can earn Falconflyer Miles on Akruu.com

    Atlanta, GA – November 7, 2016

    The Kingdom of Bahrain’s national carrier, Gulf Air, today announced a partnership with Akruu, an online portal that is changing the way miles are earned by providing members of participating loyalty programs with daily, constantly-evolving offers. Akruu aims to deepen member engagement by encouraging earlier and aspirational reward opportunities by making earning [akruuing] a part of everyday life.

  • Oct 312016
    Akruu Logo

    Loylogic Launches Akruu, an Industry-leading Loyalty Solution Offering New Ways to Earn Points/Miles from Multiple Program Currencies

    Programs Using Akruu Will Experience a Significant Boost in Member Engagement, Revenue and Brand Loyalty

    Atlanta, GA – November 1, 2016 – Loylogic, the leading loyalty solutions provider, has launched Akruu, an innovative online solution that provides loyalty program members with unparalleled flexibility in earning points/miles. As such, Akruu is able to create a significant boost in member engagement and revenue for loyalty programs that are participating in Akruu. 

  • Mar 012016
    Loylogic Logo

    Loylogic Wins Industry Award for Its Bold and Exciting New Look

     Zürich, Switzerland

    Loylogic, the leader in global e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, is pleased to announce that it has been recognised in the annual REBRAND 100® Global Awards for its recent rebranding project, which set out to give the company an updated image- one that is better aligned with its business philosophy

  • Oct 172014
    Loylogic Logo

    Unveiling a Brand of Choice

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leader in global e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty programs, today announced its new brand identity, including an evolved offering suite and a redesigned website. The new brand was created to reflect the company’s significant growth towards being the leading global points commerce provider and builds on the assets created over recent years. Each element of the brand identity highlights the focus on continuing to set new standards in the loyalty and virtual currency industry.

  • Jun 162014

    PointsPay launches Checkout Button

    Zurich, Switzerland – PointsPay, the world’s first mobile wallet for exchanging loyalty points or miles into more than 160 currencies that can be used at 32 million merchants worldwide, today announced the launch of its PointsPay Checkout.

  • Apr 072014

    Loylogic entering the Nordic Markets

    Zurich, Switzerland and Copenhagen, Denmark – Loylogic, the leading global provider of points earn and burn solutions today announced to expand its global presence with the opening of a representative office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Jan 312014

    PointsPay launched NFC-enabled card

    Zurich, Switzerland – PointsPay, the world’s first mobile wallet for exchanging loyalty points or miles into more than 160 currencies that can be used at 32 million merchants worldwide, announces updates to the PointsPay Card, making it more user-friendly than ever.

  • Oct 292013
    Banking IT-Innovation Award 2013

    PointsPay Wins Banking IT-Innovation Award 2013

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading innovator of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, has received the “Banking IT Innovation Awards 2013” award. The award was announced on October 10th by the “Sourcing in the Finance Industry” competence centre comprising industry sector experts and representatives of the Universities of Leipzig, St. Gallen and Zurich.

  • Jun 212013

    Loylogic - How Loyalty Payment Can Help Digital Wallets To Break Through

    Loyalty points redemption at the point-of-sale may just be the preferred mechanism for strengthening loyalty by giving members the value they desire, the redemption choice they seek, and the flexibility they need. And, at the same time, it provides for that strong use case that digital wallets need in order break through user adoption: consumer can pay with new money and merchants get access to new money.

    pdfLoylogic - Why Loyalty Payment Can Help Digital Wallets To Break Through.pdf

  • Jun 112013

    PointsPay: “Best Loyalty Industry Innovation”

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading innovator of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, has won the award for the ‘Best Loyalty Industry Innovation” for PointsPay at the Loyalty Awards in London on June 11, 2013. PointsPay is the world’s first global mobile payment wallet that enables payments with loyalty currencies at over 32 million merchants worldwide.

  • Apr 302013

    PointsPay Wins the ‘Contactless & Mobile Award 2013’

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic,  the leading provider of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, has been awarded with the ‘Contactless & Mobile Award 2013’. The award ceremony, sponsored by VISA Europe, was held on April 30 in London. The award is the second recognition for Loylogic from the payment industry, after winning the ‘MPE Loyalty Award’ few weeks back in Berlin.

  • Feb 202013

    PointsPay Wins the ‘MPE Loyalty Award’

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading innovator of loyalty e-commerce and e-payment solutions, was awarded with the ‘MPE Loyalty Award’ at the prestigious 2013 Merchant Payment Ecosystem event in Berlin. The recognition was given for the launch of PointsPay, the world’s first mobile wallet which enables payment with loyalty currencies at over 32 million merchants worldwide.

  • Oct 152012

    Scandinavian Airlines Renews Contract with Loylogic for 20 Years; Extends Relationship with Company to Upgrade Carrier’s EuroBonus Reward Shop

    Zurich, Switzerland and Stockholm, Sweden – Loylogic, a global innovator in e-commerce and e-payment solutions for loyalty and rewards programs designed to reduce liabilities, while increasing member engagement and revenues, is renewing its contract with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to upgrade and improve the airline’s EuroBonus Reward Shop.

  • Sep 272012

    PointsPay Launches First Mobile-Based Wallet To Convert Loyalty Points and Miles into Cash

    Zurich, Switzerland – PointsPay, Inc., a company that offers a mobile wallet and payments solution for leading loyalty programs, has launched its PointsPay mobile app, the world's very first mobile-based wallet for redeeming loyalty points and miles at the point of sale (POS). Part of Loylogic, a leader in loyalty e-commerce and e-payments solutions, PointsPay is set to change the way loyalty program members redeem their points, by giving them the option to convert points or miles into more than 150 currencies, to spend in-store or online at over 30 million merchants worldwide.

  • May 232011

    Loylogic Wins Swiss Economic Award

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading global provider of points earn and burn solutions, was announced today as the winner of the 2011 Swiss Economic Award, the most prestigious entrepreneur award in Switzerland.
    Watch the video...

  • May 152011

    Loylogic Adds Groupon Deals to Global Rewards Network

    Zurich, Switzerland and Atlanta, USA – Loylogic, the leader in global earn and burn points solutions, have announced the launch of a partnership with Groupon (www.groupon.com), the online shopping revelation that provides daily deals to consumers in more than 500 cities worldwide.

  • Apr 212011

    Loylogic Voted Swiss Economic Award Finalist

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, the leading global provider of points earn and burn solutions were today nominated as a finalist in the 2011 Swiss Economic Award, the most prestigious award for entrepreneurial businesses in Switzerland.

  • Mar 312011

    Loylogic goes United Kingdom

    Zurich, Switzerland and Brighton, UK – Loylogic, the leading global provider of points earn and burn solutions today announced they will further expand their global operation centers, with the opening of Loylogic UK in Brighton, East Sussex.

  • Jan 032011

    Loylogic and Etisalat More launch global points 'earn' and 'burn' solutions

    Zurich, Switzerland and Abu Dhabi, UAE – Loylogic have expanded their global client base to the innovative Etisalat More Rewards loyalty program. As a Fortune 200 Company, Etisalat is new territory for the global integrated points earn and burn machine powered by Loylogic, as it breaks into the telecommunication industry, and secures its second of the top 5 brands in the Middle East.

  • Aug 172010

    Loylogic becomes PCI DSS compliant

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic is proud to announce the receipt of the worldwide security acknowledgement of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for all payments passed through their transaction network.

  • Jul 012010

    Loylogic opens office in Riga, Latvia

    Zurich, Switzerland and Riga, Latvia – Loylogic opens office in Riga, Latvia to service its growing client base and further expanding its global presence. Following the recent launch of the airBaltic ‘BalticMiles Shop’, Loylogic continues its strategy of providing dedicated resources with localized expertise to provide optimum support and loyalty expertise to their expanding client base.

  • Jun 072010

    Loylogic obtains United States Patent for its "Slider"

    Zurich, Switzerland and Atlanta, GA USA – Loylogic further strengthens its commitment to leadership in customized reward solutions for loyalty programs. On April 13, 2010, the US Patent and Trademark Office registered the ‘Slider’ under Patent No. US 7,698,185 B2.

  • Jan 042010

    Loylogic launches the first global loyalty points earning solution

    Zurich, Switzerland and Atlanta/GA, USA – Loylogic starts the year 2010 with the launch of another exciting loyalty innovation: the first truly global online points earning shopping solution. Loylogic EarnMall™ together with Loylogic EarnShop™ is the latest addition to Loylogic’s fast growing portfolio of loyalty earn and burn solutions.

  • Nov 232009

    Loyalty program members can now redeem their points via the iPhone

    Zurich, Switzerland and Atlanta/GA, USA – Loylogic will launch another innovation: the first full blown loyalty program application that allows for real-time points redemption with the Apple iPhone. MobApp™ is the latest addition to Loylogic’s portfolio of loyalty solutions and enables loyalty programs around the world, to add the mobile communication channel through an easy-to-integrate and easy-to-manage turnkey solution.

  • Sep 042009

    Loylogic opens office in North America and confirms commitment to U.S. market by hiring top loyalty

    Zurich, Switzerland – Continuing its dedication to boosting member engagement with global points-based loyalty programs, Loylogic is extending its geographic coverage with an office in the USA. The new Atlanta office complements the company’s bases in Zurich, Dubai and London.
    To best cater to U.S. loyalty program sponsor’s needs, Loylogic has hired two seasoned professionals from the U.S. market to lead its North American operations.

  • Jun 122009

    Loylogic successfully launches the new SAS EuroBonus Shop

    Zurich, Switzerland – Only six months after winning the pitch process, Loylogic, the leading international reward solutions provider, goes live with the new SAS EuroBonus Shop. For EuroBonus members, the Loyrewards™ 2.0 platform provides a whole new loyalty and shopping experience, with a wide range of personalized services, several redemption features and a worldwide partner network offering over 600 exciting non-flight rewards from top Scandinavian brands to a suborbital space flight.

  • May 012009

    Another Fabulous Performance for Etihad Guest at the Freddie Awards

    Zurich, Switzerland, Fort Lauderdale/USA – For the third consecutive year, Loylogic client Etihad Guest did fantastic at the annual Freddie Awards. The frequent flyer program of Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways, won four Freddies in the Europe, Middle East and Africa category including the prestigious awards for Best Website and Best Award Redemption.

  • Mar 252009

    66% of Frequent Travelers Find Miles Are Worth More

    Zurich, Switzerland – Following the insight gained from previous online surveys running alongside the Freddie Award voting, Loylogic has repeated the exercise for 2009; critical timing for understanding how loyalty programs may be perceived in the midst of the current economic crisis.
    Loylogic, a leading reward solutions provider to loyalty programs worldwide, canvassed the opinions of more than 4,000 members from over 60 loyalty programs.

  • Dec 292008

    Loylogic takes SAS loyalty program to new heights

    Zurich, Switzerland – Following a competitive pitch process, Loylogic, the leading international reward solutions provider, has been appointed by Scandinavian Airlines to build and operate the new SAS EuroBonus Reward Shop.
    As well as wide-ranging reward and loyalty experience, Loylogic brings a growing worldwide reward merchant network to the task of strengthening, even further, the member appeal of SAS EuroBonus. The new, award-winning Loyrewards™ 2.0 platform will add another dimension to EuroBonus, taking it into 2009 in good shape to retain and attract customers.

  • Oct 132008

    Loylogic to launch new loyalty reward platform

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a Leading rewards solution provider, today announced release of Loyrewards 2.0. The enriched loyalty reward platform creates a completely immersive, user-centric, fully personalized reward shopping experience that gives Loylogic clients the chance to create engaging, 360-degree customer experience on their loyalty program web sites. This is Experience Based Differentiation (EBD) in action, designed to strengthen customer loyalty through the reward process.

  • May 062008

    And the Freddie goes to

    Zurich, Switzerland, Phoenix/USA – Loylogic did fantastic at the 20th Freddie Awards in Phoenix Arizona. Its client, the Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways, won four Freddie Awards, and its Frequent Flyer Program Etihad Guest was awarded the most prestigious title of 'Program of the Year 2008'.

  • Mar 072008

    94% of Frequent Flyers Want Miles-plus-Cash Reward Payment Option

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a leading reward solutions provider to loyalty programs worldwide, made an online survey along with the 2008 Freddie Award voting. More than 9,000 members from 60 frequent flyer programs worldwide participated and one message came through strongly: 94% of frequent flyers want a flexible miles-plus-cash payment option when redeeming rewards.

  • Jan 142008

    Loylogic Built True International Reward Offering

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic, a leading reward services provider to loyalty programs worldwide, extended its reward offering from 150 to over 1,000 in the last 12 month. Even more remarkable: 75% of all rewards are shipped internationally. At the same time, Loylogic grew its global reward partner network to over 100 partners including top brands such as Apple, Azzaro, BlackBerry, Bugatti, Casio, Giorgio Armani, Kempinski, Motorola, Nike, Nintendo, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Porsche, Ray Ban, Samsonite and many more.

  • Sep 182007

    Loylogic Launches Industry-first Raffle and Auction Features

    Zurich, Switzerland – Loylogic launches auctions and raffles through its Loyrewards™ service. Loyalty program members now enjoy more fun while redeeming points on aspirational rewards. From the program sponsor’s perspective, such redemption options spell out a partial answer to mounting points liabilities, especially in light of up-coming changes in accounting standards for loyalty schemes.

  • Sep 122007

    Math-Genius and INSEAD-Alumni Joins Loylogic

    Zürich, Schweiz – To strengthen its technology expertise, the fast growing Swiss reward services provider Loylogic hires the Indian IT- specialist Piyush Khandelwal (31). Piyush will join Loylogic’s management team in the position of Chief Technology Officer. His job is to consolidate the competitive edge of Loylogic’s technology platform and make it the leading online reward-marketplace.

  • May 092007

    Freddie's "Industry Impact Award 2007"

    Zurich, Switzerland, Arlington/USA – Thanks to Loylogic’s revolutionary Loypay-technology, Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways won the "Industry Impact Award 2007" at the 19th Freddie Awards. The award honors innovations that have the biggest impact on the industry in coming years.

  • Apr 112007

    Loylogic Sets Course for Future

    Zurich, Switzerland – In order to strengthen its management, the fast growing Swiss reward services provider Loylogic appoints former Chief Financial Officer of Geberit Group, Rudolf Huber, to its advisory board. He will support the management team in setting the course of its future growth plans.

  • Dec 192006

    New Reward Payment Technology Embraced by Frequent Flyers

    Zurich, Switzerland – Until now, frequent flyers could only redeem their miles against rewards if they had the required miles balance. Missing miles could be purchased, but usually at overpriced rates. Loylogic introduces a new alternative called Loypay™, a revolutionary reward payment mechanism that accepts any combination of miles-plus-cash –thereby making miles more valuable than money. The patent-pending technology is based on a sophisticated algorithm which can boost the value of a single mile up to one hundred dollars or more.

  • Dec 012006

    Porsche on Board

    Zurich, Switzerland – More than 16 trillion miles lie currently idle in frequent flyer accounts all over the world. While in the past free flights and upgrades were popular among the frequent flyer community, non-flight rewards become more and more en vogue. Especially in the weeks before Christmas, web shops are booming as they save you from distressful shopping in overly crowded malls. Loylogic, a leading Swiss reward services provider, offers rewards that are more valuable than free flights or upgrades.

  • Oct 112006

    Frequent flyer guru to join Loylogic

    Zurich, Switzerland – 10. October, 2006 – Randy Petersen, the world’s leading frequent flyer expert, has joined the advisory board of Zurich-based reward services provider Loylogic Inc. In this position, Randy will provide global support to Loylogic and promote its patent-pending Loypay™ technology, which "makes miles more valuable than money". According to Mr. Petersen, this reward-payment solution constitutes one of the most important loyalty innovations since the first frequent flyer program was launched by American Airlines back in 1983.

  • Sep 062006

    Loylogic: Making Miles & Points More Valuable than Money™

    Zurich, Switzerland – 5. September, 2006 – Swiss-based Loylogic Inc. has launched its revolutionary Loyalty Reward Shop with Etihad Airways, the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates, where Etihad Guest members can redeem miles for Etihad Flights, stays at the world’s most luxurious hotel Emirates Palace, desert rallies with their families, the latest Apple iPod or even health checks at local medical clinics. Loylogic is the only provider to integrate miles buying, bidding, gambling and giving in its reward shops. Moreover, one single mile can have a value of up to 100 US Dollars due to Loylogic’s unique Loypay™ reward payment technology.

  • Sep 062006

    Loylogic: 12 Mio. Auftrag von Etihad Airways

    Zurich, Switzerland – 5. September, 2006 – Wer bisher Meilen sammelte, um damit Flugtickets einzulösen, hat jetzt eine bessere Alternative. Der Schweizer Anbieter Loylogic AG hat einen Edelwebshop für Flugmeilensammler eingerichtet, wo vom Honeymoon Weekend im luxuriösesten Hotel der Welt, über die Teilnahme an Wüstenrallyes bis hin zum Weingut in Frankreich alles erworben werden kann.