Zurich, Switzerland – Until now, frequent flyers could only redeem their miles against rewards if they had the required miles balance. Missing miles could be purchased, but usually at overpriced rates. Loylogic introduces a new alternative called Loypay™, a revolutionary reward payment mechanism that accepts any combination of miles-plus-cash –thereby making miles more valuable than money. The patent-pending technology is based on a sophisticated algorithm which can boost the value of a single mile up to one hundred dollars or more.

In order to feel the pulse of the frequent flyer community, Loylogic has launched a campaign at www.loypay.com , which proves to be a great success: Currently, every 28 seconds a frequent flyer votes for getting more value for his or her miles.

Times when frequent flyers had to refrain from ordering a desired reward due to missing miles are over. Loypay™ allows frequent flyers – as opposed to other reward shops – to individually choose the number of miles they want to redeem and just pay the difference in cash. Moreover, the higher the cash portion, the higher the value of the miles redeemed. Due to this revolutionary dynamic function, a single mile can have a value of up to 100 dollars and more rather then a fraction of a dollar as in other shops. The cost for the program sponsor, however, remains unchanged. Loypay™ even helps airlines make money on flight reward bookings. Since the program members not only redeem miles but also spend cash, the airline earns real cash on reward flights and as members maximize the value of their hard-earned miles, they increase the cash portion accordingly. „The Loypay™-technology clearly provides a win-win solution for both frequent flyers and airlines“, says Dominic Hofer, CEO of Loylogic. In November 2006, Loylogic has launched the Loypay™- campaign at www.loypay.com , which makes one thing clear: frequent flyers embrace the fact they can get more value for their miles. Due to the campaign’s success the deadline for participating in the online drawing has been extended to the end of February 2007. Until then, an Apple iPod 80 GB will be raffled off to a participant at the end of each month.

About Loylogic
Loylogic is the world’s leading innovator and creator of points experiences, insights, commerce and engagement. By tantalizing members with more choices and arming programs with insights on behavior – anticipating both present and future needs – we deliver powerful solutions that amplify engagement and build loyalty.

Founded in 2005 with offices around the world and a global content network of more than 500 merchants and 2,000 online stores offering millions products and services, Loylogic, the new paradigm of points-based e-commerce and e-payment solutions, is the partner that the world’s leading loyalty programs trust with making their points and miles loved more. For more information please visit loylogic.com.

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